Legal Resources & Referrals/ Recursos Legales y Referencias


Employment Law/ Ley de Empleo

Department of Fair Employment and Housing -  ( State agency for complaints of discrimination, harassment, and  retaliation based on race, national origin, ancestry, color, language,  gender, sexual orientation, disability of medication condition,  pregnancy, religion, family status, veteran status.  Remember that  complaint must be made within one year of incident(s))

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission -  (Federal agency for making complaints about discrimination based on  race, national origin, gender, sex, disability, religion.  In  California, deadline is 300 days to file a complaint. May be as short as  180 days in other states).

Department of Labor Standards Enforcement -  (for complaints of unpaid wages, overtime, missed breaks, retaliation  for complaining about wages or working conditions, etc. Wage complaints  must be made within 3 years. Retaliation complaints must be made within  six months)

Legal Aid at Work -   (Information on Workers Rights - free clinics for consultations and  possible representation, many factsheets on workers rights)

East Bay Community Law Center - (information about tenants and workers rights, free clinics)

Centro Legal de la Raza, in Oakland (information about immigrant, tenants and workers rights, free clinics)

La Raza Centro Legal - (information about immigrant, tenants and workers rights, free clinics)

Instituto Laboral de la Raza - (information about workers rights, free clinics)

Immigration/ Inmigracion


International Institute of the Bay Area - (information, free clinics, and representation in matters of immigration)

La Raza Centro Legal - (information about immigrant, tenants and workers rights, free clinics)

UC Davis Immigration Clinic -

Stanford Immigration Clinic -

Community Law Center in Santa Clara -

Know Your Rights/ Conozca sus Derechos


National Lawyers Guild SF Bay Area Chapter - (Resources available on knowing your rights when dealing wiht police)

National Lawyers Guild national organization -

Electronic Frontier Foundation - (Information on electronic privacy rights)

American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California -